Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old Passion New Blog

Here it is..., my new blog. This one will be about my soap making endeavour. Some of you already know me for my lampwork glass beads (, but I bet you didn't know that my other passion is soap. I started making soap about 12 years ago, but I stopped when I was bearing my dear daughter Ellie (my doctor didn't want me to make soap, but had nothing to say about me making beads with a torch and gas... go figure :). I've came back to soap a few years ago and I've sold my products in craft shows and in a few boutiques, and now I've decided it was time to start selling on the web. Although I am used to selling my beads on Etsy, eBay and my website when I had one, now I am a bit scared to start all over with soap. Oh well... got to take the plunge. :)
My website has been running for a few months already but it is in French only right now. I will work on the English version eventually. I officially opened my Etsy shop February 2nd (groundhog day... very significant to me now :) ) so you might want to take a look : You can also see more pictures in my Facebook:

Oh and about me... I live in Quebec City, Canada with my husband, my wonderful daughter, two dogs and two cats.

Here are a few pictures of some of my soaps.

Chocolate and Roses Soap

Spring Florals soap

Oats and Honey Soap with Goats Milk


  1. Je viens de découvrir ton blog, j'aime bien tes savons... sont très jolis


  2. Bonjour Natalia,

    Merci beaucoup pour le compliment. Tes savons sont très beaux aussi. Je vais ajouter ton blog à ma liste.

    Je suis impressionnée par le nombre de langue que tu connais. :)